Bharatpur City

History of Bharatpur

In 1733 AD, Raja Badan Singh 's adopted son, Suraj Mal had shown signs of promise, when he captured the fort of Bharatpur from Khemkaran, the rival chief, whom he killed and thus laid the foundation of Bharatpur City. Maharaja Suraj Mal displayed immense courage and carved a niche for himself in the midst of political disorder.

Places to See in Bharatpur

KEOLADEO GHANA NATIONAL PARK :- This bird paradise acquired its name –Keoladeo because of the existence of the Keoladeo temple of Lord Shiva. After the name of this temple the lake is called ‘Ghana’ Keoladeo. Ghana being the vernacular synonym for dense forest. It was known as the best duck shooting resort during the British reign, but was declared a reserve for birds in 1956 and later upgraded to a National Park. UNESCO has listed it as a world heritage site.

Excursions of Bharatpur

LOHAGARH FORT OR THE ‘IRON FORT’ :- Conceived and designed to last for years-Lohagarh Fort, true to its name, stood solidly against many attacks by the British, frustrating them to no end. It faced the British onslaught four times and after a long siege they had to withdraw, but Lord Lake’s Bharatpur for the British.